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Horticultural Consulting

Herbafex Horticultural Consulting Info
  • Plant & Shrub Sourcing
  • Elemental Design Service
  • Insect & Disease Diagnosis
  • Evaluations & Designs
  • Seasonal Plantings
  • Preferred Soil Types
  • Biological Control Measures

Find the Right Shrubs & Plants

Herbafex are available for horticultural consulting by the hour or for full scale, complex projects for residential or commercial applications. We can provide concise & credible information of plant cultivation, plant compatibility, crop growing techniques, fungicides, herbicides and soil usages.

Please contact a Herbafex Hydrawise professional for a free consultation.(850) 230-1200

  • Pest Control Specialists

    Herbafex are pest control specialists that will rid your property of all those creepy crawlers and give you your sanity back.

    Landscape Professionals

    Herbafex are landscaping professionals that can bring form & function to your property and maintain it all, too.

  • Hydrawise Authorized Installers

    Herbafex are the only authorized installers in our area for the Hydrawise wi-fi Irrigation control system by Hunter.

    Irrigation Experts

    Herbafex are water irrigation experts ready to assist you with all of your plants & property water distribution needs.